Trusted Care for Dogs



​Animal Friends Rescue Project has been boarding dogs at Heritage Kennels for some time now. Staff is always helpful and courteous. Heritage has taken excellent care of all of the dogs we have boarded there. They are well fed, bathed when needed, exercised and overall leave happy dogs. The kennels are clean and spacious. Heritage helps us out a lot by offering a place for our overflow dogs until foster homes can be found. If any problems arise they are quick to give us a call and help to find a solution. I would recommend this kennel to anyone needed a safe, happy place to board their dog.
-Debra Long, AFRP 

I have used Heritage Kennels many times. The kennels are clean, they supply nice blankets and add lots of care and love. Medications have always been given when required. The staff really cares about the dogs. I've recommended
them to my friends and have always received posititve feedback.
-Sue T. 


I've been using Heritage around 15 years. Before I discovered them, my dogs would come home stressed from other kennels. But with Heritage they are eager to go back into their kennel area and come home calm. 
I've boarded well dogs for the most part, but just had to go on a weeklong trip that I couldn't cancel and postpone. My dog was very sick and had a rather complicated medicine schedule. I was very worried about leaving her and called to check on her process. Hector always knew exactly how she was doing. 
Imagine how surprised I was to see a bouncy puppy-like 13 year old dog greet me! They took exceptional care of her and she recovered. 
This is not just a business for Jay and his staff - they care deeply for the animals.
-Nelia L. 


I have been taking my 3 dogs here for well over 10 years. Jay and his staff are friendly, their prices are very reasonable, and they never mind giving my dogs their medications. They are honest and they care about my dogs. When my dogs have stayed here for 2 weeks, they came home bathed and sparkling clean. Jay gives me a great rate on my cat. They even offer shuttle service so that I don't have to drive all the way up to Vine Hill Road.
-Katharine F.