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About Heritage Kennel

We are a unique, affordable, no-frills dog boarding facility located in the scenic Santa Cruz Hills welcoming all breeds for short or long term stays.

Our Mission

We believe that every dog deserves high-quality care and attention, and we aim to provide personalized services for each and every dog in our care. Our team is committed to ensuring that every dog has a happy and fulfilling stay with us.


Our Promise

Where your dog can stay in safe and experienced hands while you are away. Where we understand the hesitation of dog boarding and provide daily check-ins to make sure you are worry-free.

Safety Protocols

Our team is trained in pet first aid and emergency response procedures, and we have a veterinarian on call 24/7 in case of any medical emergencies. We also conduct regular health and safety inspections of our facility, and all of our staff members are trained in pet handling and behavior.

In addition to these measures, we also have a number of security protocols in place to keep your dogs safe. Our facility is equipped with surveillance cameras, and we have a secure check-in and check-out process to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to your dogs.

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