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Preparing Your Dog for an Overnight Boarding Stay: Managing Separation Anxiety

The thought of parting with our furry friends even for a short while can be daunting, especially if they grapple with separation worries. Yet, by taking proactive steps and seeking expert advice, you can make certain your dog's stay at any boarding facility goes smoothly. This article will delve into practical methods to assist your dog in handling separation concerns during their boarding experience.

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Steady Introduction to Solo Time: Begin by letting your dog experience solitude in short bursts, extending these periods gradually. This phased approach lets your dog adjust to times without you, ensuring they're not overwhelmed during their boarding.

Getting to Know the Boarding Space: It's beneficial to schedule a visit to the boarding facility before the actual stay. This lets your dog acquaint themselves with the environment, the caregivers, and the daily activities. Recognizing the facility as a friendly place can minimize their anxiety.

Positive Associations with Coming and Going: Whenever you leave or come back, give your dog a treat, toy, or some praise. This reinforces a positive connection with these moments, making them look forward to your returns instead of dreading your departures.

Bringing Along a Piece of Home: In their boarding kit, include their cherished toys, blanket, and maybe a piece of your clothing. These familiar objects can act as a comforting presence when they're away from home.

Upholding a Regular Daily Routine: Stability is something dogs appreciate. Where possible, ensure their meals, walks, and playtime align with their usual timings at the boarding house. This familiarity will make the new environment less daunting.

Interaction and Skill Development: Familiarizing your dog with other canines and investing in basic training can enhance their self-assurance in the boarding environment. Dogs with training tend to adapt better to unfamiliar settings.

Adjustment to Pre-Departure Actions: Your dog might link certain actions, like you wearing shoes or grabbing keys, with your absence. Repeatedly perform these actions without leaving to help break this association and make such cues less anxiety-inducing.

Convey Confidence during Drop-Off: While leaving your dog at the facility, remain composed and comforting. Projecting positivity can instill confidence in your pet about their boarding experience.

Post-Stay Observations: Keep a close watch on your dog's behavior once you bring them home. If any behavioral anomalies arise, consider seeking advice from a vet or dog trainer on managing potential separation concerns.

Conclusion: By adopting these strategies, you and your canine companion can have a seamless boarding experience. Dog Boarding services in Santa Cruz, California, are committed to ensuring your dog's safety and comfort, making them a top pick for your boarding requirements. Heritage Kennel in Santa Cruz, CA has offered safe and reliable Dog Boarding services since 1990! Find out more and book your dog's future stay at



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